How to Order

You can choose which way you want to browse our website.

We have these options :
  • Shop by watch (if you already know what watch you want to order the straps for). We upload the products with exact watch, so it is easier for you to find some inspiration here.
  • Shop by category. You can starts here if you want to browse based on the “style”. We categorised it as : vintage, dressy, sporty, etc.
  • Shop ready made straps. The name judge itself. If you want something in stock and need it to be shipped quickly, this is where the products sit. We can ship it in 24 hours.
  • Shop our One and Only. This is the category where we put our “impossible for others, but we made it” products. You can browse here if you want to see something different from others.
After that, you can click the straps you like, fill in the detail of spec you need (or if you’re not sure, you can email us anytime), and click add to cart.